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What Our Happy Customer Say About Us

It does feel good when customers leave good feedback. 4 Seasons Construction is proud of the referrals and testimonials that we have been receiving from the community of Denver, CO in our over 10 years of service. We have a passion for quality craftsmanship, great designs, and doing the job right, not just the first time, but ALWAYS. Listed below are some of the testimonials of recent customers. Please read on to learn how we do our job.

“Over the past three years, my wife and I have worked with Nick Moyer to design and recreate living spaces in our home. Nick’s careful attention to detail and expert knowledge shined through as we recreated spaces in both our kitchen and lower level of our home at a very affordable price. Nick’s ability to handle any project soup to nuts is a blessing when addressing any space improvement in your home. He was a true professional and we are extremely fortunate to have found him.”
– Michael Washburn

β€œNick Moyer has completed three construction jobs for me during the past couple of years. In September 2012, he repaired damage to fascia and soffit done by woodpeckers and an ice dam. As part of the same job, he repaired the damage done by the ice dam to the ceiling in my living room (drywall repair and painting) and exterior wood framing and shelf around the living room window. In April of 2013, he rebuilt a large planter/retaining wall attached to my deck including adding a seating area all around. In September 2014, he rebuilt the deck itself after tearing down and removing the old one. There are pictures of all the jobs in the gallery and the deck is featured on the 4 Season’s Home Page. All work was done extremely well and with meticulous attention to detail and I would recommend Nick to anyone needing high-quality construction or carpentry work done.”
– Dick Wyckoff

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4 Seasons Construction aims to make our customers happy with everything we do. You, too, can be a happy customer. Contact us at (720) 502-4012 for your FREE estimate and to learn what our services can bring to your daily home living.